Flyers keep Stanley Cup Odds Alive in game 5

The Philadelphia Flyers will not go quietly into the night as this squad managed a stay of execution for at least another game and kept an entire city’s Stanley Cup odds hopes alive.

The Boston Bruins are reeling after two straight losses and the Philly Flyers smell blood.  With a 4-0 blowout in Game 5 the Flyers proved to the hockey betting public they’ve still got plenty of fight left and Game 5 may have been the momentum shifter in this Stanley Cup betting series.

Neither the Flyers nor the Bruins were supposed to advance this far in the Stanley Cup odds competition.  Philly a #7 seed and Boston a #6 seed were supposed to be easily dispatched in the first round of the NHL playoff betting by the much more highly regarded Devils and Sabres, respectively.  But here they are going knuckle to knuckle in the ultimate underdog Stanley Cup odds series.

After Boston jumped out to a 3-0 lead it seemed like it was all over but the crying and the Bruins were on their way to the Eastern Conference Finals betting series.  But, my, how things change quickly when a possible trip to the Stanley Cup odds competition is on the line.  The Flyers have bounced back and not only rattled off two NHL playoff betting wins in a row; but managed blow on Monday night.

The 4-0 defeat was an old fashioned spanking and the Bruins are actually lucky the beating wasn’t worse.  Boston had basically one legitimate shot on goal the entire hockey betting contest and the Flyers dominated in almost every way imaginable.

You can be sure that this team will all hyped-up for Game 6 of this Stanley Cup betting odds series.  And best of all it will be at home, in front of a crazed Philly crowd.

Only two teams in the history of the NHL betting have come back from a 3-0 hole in an NHL playoff betting series and no team has done it since the Gerald Ford Administration.  But if there is any team in this year’s field that have a shot at pulling off one of the most amazing feats in sports betting, it has to be the Flyers.