Favorites in NHL Odds

NHL odds at the sportsbook are done with money lines. What that means is you have a favorite and an underdog.

In addition to the regular NHL betting odds you also get over/under totals, futures and parlays. Favorites are popular in NHL odds just as they are in other sports but sometimes the price tag can be too high.

NHL odds start with the regular season that begins in October and goes through early April. The Stanley Cup playoffs follow and continue through the middle of June.  That is a long season of NHL odds.  Going up against the NHL betting odds is one of the great grinds of gambling as there is nightly action. If you want to win money versus the NHL betting odds you have to pick and choose your spots carefully.  You can bet favorites in NHL odds but you must manage your bankroll and keep yourself in control.

It should be noted in NHL odds that home ice is important but sometimes overrated. Time and time again a team will be favored at home in NHL odds and yet lose.  The great teams can win anywhere. Just like at a team like San Jose in NHL odds. They have excelled on the road versus the NHL betting odds in recent seasons.  They are oftentimes so good in fact, on the road, that they are favored in NHL betting odds. Usually the home team will be favored in NHL odds at home but sometimes they shouldn’t be. That is why you can take the road team if you are selective.

The NHL regular season may have a lot of big favorites but those heavy chalks can lose and you must be aware of that fact.  The NHL odds can have teams laying more than 2-1 at home. It doesn’t take many losses at that price to cause you some trouble.  You can bet favorites in hockey but you really do have to show some discipline. Sometimes, as previously mentioned, taking a power team on the road as a favorite is not a bad way to go when you bet NHL games.

There are a number of great options at the sportsbook for NHL odds and not just favorites.  In addition to the sides you have totals, parlays and futures so there is plenty to choose from when you are betting the NHL.