Stanley Cup Betting is fantastic at SBG Global

Stanley Cup betting is one of the more rewarding types of betting to be found in the entire sporting landscape.

When it comes to any sport, the championship game is always the pinnacle and hockey betting is no exception. The sport is always intense but when the Stanley Cup betting season rolls around it seems as though the NHL kicks up to a higher gear.

Stanley Cup betting has been around for ages and the true fans of hockey betting have never been disappointed with the drama and excitement that if creates. The Stanley Cup betting season runs roughly parallel with the NBA playoffs and NBA Finals season and while at first glance you might be able to compare the two, once you take a closer look Stanley Cup betting really sets itself apart in terms of great wagering opportunities.

In recent years the Stanley Cup betting has far outshone the NBA Finals by a very wide margin and that is not simply the perspective of hockey betting fans, but rather that is the view of most sports fans in general. If you’re an ardent supporter of the NBA it would be hard to argue that the NBA Finals have been more entertaining than the Stanley Cup betting. In pro basketball, there has been a gross lack of competition over the past decade while hockey betting, perhaps more specific Stanley Cup betting, has seen a resurgence in recent years.

In years past there were of course hockey betting empires that were established and swept through the Stanley Cup betting year in and year out. If you go back to the 1980s the Edmonton Oilers of Mark Messier and the Great One tore through the Stanley Cup betting and all but owned hockey’s top prize. And then there were mini-runs by teams like the Detroit Red Wings and the Colorado Avalanche that also resulted in multiple Stanley Cup betting success.

But for the most part the last ten years of Stanley Cup betting has produced multiple winners and unpredictable Stanley Cup betting results. And that has what has helped make the NHL great over the past few years and will keep sports fans beating down the doors to get at Stanley Cup betting odds this year.