Ducks in NHL Betting Playoffs

On April 2nd the Mighty Ducks Anaheim hosted the Vancouver Canucks in what was to be a very critical NHL betting matchup.

With only a week left in the hockey betting season and a spot in the NHL playoff betting at stake the Ducks desperately needed a win to keep their NHL post season betting hopes alive.

They didn’t get it.  And the few remaining games on the sports betting calendar are all do or die for the Ducks if they want to back in the NHL playoffs this season.  Anaheim (33-31-9) currently sits in 11th place in the Western Conference hockey wagering action six points behind Colorado, currently in the #8 spot if the NHL playoff betting were to begin today.

The Canucks, on the other hand, are on cruise control in terms of the NHL betting post season.  One of the top teams in hockey betting, the Canucks (48-27-4) have not only secured a spot in the NHL playoff betting but have also wrapped up the Northwest division hockey wagering title.

With 100 points through 79 games the Canucks have the fourth best record in NHL betting and should qualify no worse than the #3 seed when the NHL playoff odds competition starts up.  

The Ducks simply had to come out on top of the hockey odds results in this matchup and they did not.  The game was close, went to an overtime shootout, in fact, but in the end it wasn’t enough and the Ducks have no realistic shot at the NHL playoff wagering this year.  Long a mainstay in the hockey postseason betting and once a dominant force in the NHL odds action, the Ducks are in decline.  Perhaps no player represents the hockey wagering fortunes of this team better than aging superstar Teemu Selane.  Once among the best in the hockey odds competition, Selane is now a fading shell of himself –just like his NHL betting team.  Anyway you look at it the NHL wagering sun is setting on the Ducks.