Chicago Has Home Ice in Stanley Cup Odds

The Chicago Blackhawks will be favored in Stanley Cup odds as they return to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 1992.

The Blackhawks dispatched of the San Jose Sharks in four straight in Stanley Cup betting and now they will have the home ice advantage against either Philadelphia or Montreal.

Stanley Cup odds favor Chicago by a solid margin in the final.  Chicago had one of the better records in the NHL during the regular season and in the playoffs they have proven to be very tough to beat.  They are getting excellent goaltending and balanced scoring.  They have been able to win at home and on the road in Stanley Cup odds.

As the Stanley Cup final begins you will have the chance to bet the series price.  This gives you the opportunity to make a single bet and be in action for the entire series. Chicago is favored in Stanley Cup betting to win the final. If you like the Blackhawks you can choose to make a single wager and take them to win the series.  You can also bet them on an individual game basis if you choose.  If they get ahead in the series you may also choose to hedge your bet and take the Eastern Conference team to lock in a profit.  Since Chicago looks so good it is likely that most bettors will look to take the Blackhawks and just ride out their bets.

Chicago is likely to be favored at home by a solid margin in the Stanley Cup finals and they may also be slight favorites on the road.  Philadelphia or Montreal is simply not going to get as much respect as Chicago.  Home ice advantage is still important though, so it is possible the Blackhawks could be a very small underdog on the road.  If that is the case then they would be worth a look since they had a winning record during the regular season on the road and in the playoffs.

If you are looking at the total in Stanley Cup odds then you should be aware that the Blackhawks went under the total more at home and over the total more on the road.  It is not a huge difference but it is something to keep in mind as you bet the total in the Stanley Cup final.