Can the Hockey playoffs betting rival the NCAA tourney at SBG Global

Hockey playoffs betting is just a few long weeks away. As such hockey fans are nearing a frenzied state as this year’s edition of hockey betting season is just about to commence. But before this great sporting event can commence the March Madness of NCAA basketball will take center stage in the sporting world and as many hockey betting would like to know, how do the two events stack up against one another?

NHL betting is a very unique and beloved part of popular sports culture, truth be told it cannot hold a candle to the excitement created by March Madness. But hockey betting should in no way be considered some inferior secondary sport, as no sport can compare to the hype and excitement surrounding college basketball’s biggest event. It is at best an unfair comparison and one that paints hockey betting in less than perfect light. The truth is, the format of the NCAA tourney makes it simply unbeatable in terms of sports betting and hockey betting comes as close as any to matching the madness of March.

The thing that college basketball has in its favor is the fact that the 65-team win or go home bracket is simply most exciting form -even more exciting than what hockey playoffs betting can offer- of post season play there is. In all the major sports like hockey betting, NBA betting and MLB betting a “best of” series is featured. A team can afford to lose a game in hockey playoffs betting and not be sent home. Not so at the NCAA tourney and so each games takes on much more significance than in hockey betting.

But hockey betting fans have plenty of reason to tune into the hockey playoffs betting. As far as multiple game elimination series style playoffs go, hockey playoffs betting is as good as it gets. The parity and the competition level involved in hockey playoffs betting has risen steadily every year over the past decades and now hockey betting enjoys a position in popular sports wagering it once could only dream of.

So even if hockey playoffs betting doesn’t quite stack up against college basketball, it’s the next best thing.


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