Hockey Betting Tips at SBG Global

Hockey Betting Tips is important as you look at Betting Hockey Games including Stanley Cup Games.

Hockey is a money line sport like baseball and that means you must look for value because there are no point spreads to even things out on the hockey betting line. So pay attention as SBG Global tells you what you need to know on NHL betting after such changes came around and how they affect the Stanley games.

The travel factor. A good hockey betting tip during regular season games you must know that road team cannot tie they have to win for the hockey betting line to be covered, it's not easy since most home teams win their games, another hockey betting tip when choosing home teams is to be aware of high prices on the hockey betting lines the money lines that is ex the usual line is -200 even on Stanley Cup games it hurts the pocket betting that every game, a hockey betting tip from handicappers for any hockey betting player be smart with your picks get a fair price since home teams win more often. When picking favorites the home team is the one that lays the money against the hockey betting lines and odds. This is one hockey betting tip to consider when you look at hockey betting odds.

The shootout factor: As hockey betting tip number 2 remember there’s a huge difference betting during regular season and Stanley Cup playoffs, in regular season there are shoot outs because ties are not allowed, and in playoffs they play overtime until someone wins. Pro hockey betting lines allowed you to take underdogs regularly, before the shootout was implemented dogs used to get a tie but now they usually get a loss if the games go to a shootout so to wrap it up the hockey betting tip will be you can still bet underdogs in hockey but you have to be much more selective as you do so.

Go for a winning team: Hockey betting tip number 3 take in consideration a winning team as a small road favorite. These can provide solid value potential against the hockey betting lines and odds. If a team is favored on the road they are likely the better team and can overcome the home ice advantage, you can rely on this hockey betting tip. Hockey is often a game of streaks so another valuable hockey betting tip is if you can observe hockey betting patterns you can pick up wins against the hockey betting line.

Focus on current statistics: Hockey betting tip number 4 when looking at hockey betting lines as you are developing your hockey betting strategies, remember that things have changed, you cannot look at past pro hockey betting history and trends for hockey betting tips. You also have to be very selective because favorites are highly priced but they can win. Betting on hockey today is definitely not as easy as in the past but you can still find good hockey betting tips and hockey betting lines if you pick your spots.