NHL betting playoffs race is heating up at SBG Global

Hockey betting odds makers are working overtime. As the hockey betting playoffs are just around the corner hockey betting odds fans are going crazy for any hockey betting lines they can get their hands on.

And with this season in the NHL one of the closest in memory there will no doubt be plenty of interest in NHL playoffs betting for the post season. Hockey betting fans would be hard pressed to recall or more exciting season of season hockey.

Right now in the Eastern conference there are any number of hockey betting teams that could end up hoisting the conference title. This makes the hockey betting odds makers job almost impossible and make life for the hockey betting fans very good indeed. With so much parity the hockey betting opportunities seem almost limitless and the hockey betting odds the key to any successful wager.

Right now the Penguins would hold the top spot in the hockey betting odds in the hockey playoffs betting if the season ended today. With 83 points however, the team has just a very slight lead over the Montreal Canadians for the top hockey betting odds top spot. But even if one of these teams manages to secure the top spot in the hockey betting odds that hardly guarantees a victory. Any of the top teams in the eastern conference hockey betting odds could run the table and top contenders include New Jersey, Ottawa, Boston and New York.

Out west things are slightly clearer but there are still many hockey betting odds scenarios that could play out. Detroit has had the top spot in the hockey betting odds nearly all season but the team has faltered of late and the Dallas Stars have stepped up their play to make the hockey betting in the West very interesting. Hockey betting odds makers still seem to favor the Red Wings, but come playoff time anything could happen. San Jose and Anaheim the top two teams in the hockey betting odds last season look tough again this year and are hanging just a few points back in the hockey betting odds standings.

The post season hockey betting odds are going to be very interesting this season and if you’ve ever thought about hockey betting, now is the time to do it while the hockey betting odds are in limbo.