Hockey Betting Odds have huge global appeal at SBG Gobal

Hockey betting odds are an item in hot demand these days. Much of that is a result of the super-intense battle for hockey betting playoffs spots in the NHL.

And while many hockey betting odds fans would expect the demand to come from the U.S. and Canada, there also exists a huge demand for hockey betting odds outside of North America.

Hockey betting have traditionally been associated with North America but the game of hockey is a truly global phenomenon and much of its success is related to hockey betting odds demand created in Europe and elsewhere. Hockey betting odds fans often forget that hockey’s origins are actually very likely from northern Europe.

The NHL, the top league for hockey betting odds is located in the U.S. and Canada, but it was very likely brought to these lands from immigrants from the frozen north of Europe. Europeans have been huge fans of hockey and hockey betting odds just as long, if not longer than North Americans, and thanks to the Internet they are now responsible for much of the growth of the hockey betting odds industry.

Even though the NHL is widely regarded as the most successful of the hockey betting leagues in the world, there is plenty of high successful and firmly established hockey betting odds leagues in Europe that cold rival the NHL for talent in many cases. And it’s hardly any coincidence that many of the top names in hockey betting odds are European.

Specifically the north and east of Europe are hot beds for top hockey betting odds talent. If you look at the teams featured in the hockey betting odds in the NHL there is not a single team that doesn’t have a European playing on it. That is no coincidence and the influence of Europeans on hockey betting odds is growing every day.

So the next time you think that hockey betting is a North American thing, think again. With the expansion of the Internet and dozens of hockey betting odds sites Europeans are becoming more and more intertwined with hockey betting odds every day. There is even talk of NHL expansion into Europe.