Betting Hockey Preseason Odds at SBG Global

Hockey preseason odds oftentimes go unnoticed by many gamblers around the world, simply because hockey is not the most popular sport.

Sometimes the fact that hockey preseason betting odds are not as popular can work to the bettor’s advantage. Hockey preseason odds can be easier to bet into and the opportunity for profit can be there.

Hockey preseason odds are pretty easy to understand. Since hockey went to a shootout format to decide overtime games there are no longer any ties. Hockey is a money line sport where you are either laying money or receiving money with no pointspread involved. All you have to do is worry about winning the game. Here is a typical example of hockey preseason odds.

Philadelphia +130 5.5 over -130
N.Y Rangers -150

In this example you are laying $150 for every $100 you want to win on New York or the 15/10 equivalent. You are getting $130 for every $100 you risk on Philadelphia or the 10/13 equivalent. There is no pointspread in this hockey preseason betting odds example. You just need your team to win to collect your bet on the hockey preseason odds. The total of 5.5 over -130 is for the amount of goals scored in the game. If you like the over you risk $130 for every $100 you want to win in hockey preseason odds. If you like the under you get $110 for every $100 dollars you risk or the 11/10 equivalent in hockey preseason betting odds. The hockey preseason odds are just like the baseball betting line and really easy to understand since no pointspreads are involved.

It is very easy to look at hockey preseason betting odds and do your handicapping just like you do with the other major sports. You can look at goalie matchups, head to head matchups, etc. as you handicap hockey preseason odds. Sometimes you can find some nice hockey preseason odds because oddsmakers are not nearly as concerned with hockey preseason betting odds because hockey is not a high volume sport.

Take a look at exciting hockey preseason odds today.