Bet on NHL Hockey

Bet on hockey and you will see a money line that looks very similar to what you see in baseball.

NHL betting doesn’t have a pointspread but it does include totals.  Here is a look at the basic things to remember as you bet on hockey.

Bet on hockey money lines are easy to understand on sides and totals. Here is an example of what you will see.

Washington Capitals +150     6 under -120
Pittsburgh Penguins -180

This is a straight NHL betting money line. You are risking $180 for every $100 you want to win on Pittsburgh or the 18/10 equivalent, while you are getting $150 dollars for every $100 wagered if you bet on hockey with Washington. There is no pointspread so you only worry about winning the game. If you like the like the under you risk $120 for every $100 you want to win. If you like the NHL betting odds on the total to go over you wager $100 for every $100 you want to win on the over or the even money equivalent.

Making a bet on hockey is simple and you can do your handicapping just like you do with the other major sports. As you bet on hockey you should consider handicapping factors like home and away statistics, goalie matchups, head to head matchups, etc. Very often with NHL betting lines you may be able to find some nice value plays. Don’t be worried that you don’t know as much about the NHL as other sports. You can still find winners as you bet on hockey.

You should be aware as you bet on hockey that sportsbooks and bettors put the sport pretty low on the priority list.  That can be good news for you as you bet on hockey because the odds might be in your favor.  In today’s NHL, unlike past NHL history, there are no ties.  That means shootouts decide the outcome if the games goes past the five minute overtime.  That gives less value on the underdogs since most of the time the better team will win a shootout.

Making a bet on hockey is definitely exciting and it can be profitable.  As you look to bet on hockey, be sure and take into account the odds at the sportsbook and the basic tips we looked at. That should give you a decent chance to win money as you bet on hockey.