Bet on Hockey – Where Will Coyotes Play?

Bet on hockey is going to have sportsbook odds on the Coyotes this season. They will probably be listed in hockey betting as the Phoenix Coyotes but anything is still possible.

Canadian billionaire James Balsillie is trying to buy the team and move it to Hamilton, Ontario but the league has rejected his bids.

Bet on hockey probably won’t be popular on the Coyotes at the sports book if they are still in Phoenix. Bet on hockey indicates that the NHL has made a bid of $140 million to purchase the team and keep it in Arizona but Balsillie is going to court to get some sort of agreement worked out. The Coyotes have been losing millions of dollars and the sticking point seems to be the relocation fee. The NHL is claiming some outrageous numbers in terms of losses for Phoenix. Bet on hockey shows that these numbers are well off what Basillie’s study has shown.

Bet on hockey has the Coyotes being sold at auction on Thursday but there are so many issues to be worked out. One thing that is not up for debate in bet on hockey is that the Coyote’s franchise would be worth far more in Hamilton than it is in Arizona. The league does not want Phoenix to move and that is another part of this bet on hockey mess. Balsillie has asked a judge to set a relocation fee so that he can buy and move the team. The NHL does not want the court to intervene.

Balsillie wants to move the team right away if he is successful in court but said he would begin play in Glendale, Arizona if necessary or even play the entire hockey betting season there if the NHL would split his losses. The NHL wants nothing to do with Balsillie and has rejected all his plans. Phoenix begins preseason in bet on hockey on September 15th. The regular season in hockey betting begins in early October.

In other bet on hockey news, DirecTV has dropped the NHL’s main television outlet Versus from its lineup. DirecTV has said that Versus wants too much money, especially when the network isn’t drawing viewers. One of the few things that Versus has been able to claim is their relationship with the NHL. If they are not carried on DirecTV they can pretty much kiss their relationship with the NHL goodbye as well as bet on hockey indicates. The NHL and Versus have a deal through next bet on hockey season but the NHL would face a huge backlash from hockey betting fans if Versus is not carried on DirecTV.