Bet on Hockey Strategies

Bet on hockey strategies are not what they used to be. The NHL changed forever when the rules eliminating the red line and shootouts were added.

This also changed NHL betting and the strategies needed to win. Bet on hockey winners can still be found but the strategies used are different. The matchups and power ratings that worked in the past are not going to work as you bet on hockey.  In some ways you can throw away all the old data.  The NHL is similar in some respects to the NBA in that teams play a lot of games and scheduling can play an important part in your NHL betting strategy.

NHL teams are often faced with playing three games in four nights and many handicappers focus on going against the tired team as they bet on hockey.  You definitely want to take into account the schedule when you bet on hockey.  Some teams are going to face brutal travel spots during the NHL betting season and you can take advantage of this fact when you bet on hockey.  Look at the NHL schedule and pick out teams that you want to bet against in certain travel situations.  This can be a great NHL betting strategy.  It takes patience, but it can definitely pay off in the long run as you bet on hockey.  Travel is oftentimes a factor in many sports, particularly those that have teams playing multiple games in a week.  Look at the travel factor as you bet on hockey this year.

It used to be when you bet on hockey that you could look seriously at taking underdogs on a regular basis.  The shootout changed that a little bit because now instead of dogs getting a tie they usually get a loss if the game goes to a shootout.  That has really hurt the underdogs winning percentage.  You can still bet on hockey underdogs but you have to be much more selective.

When you look to bet on hockey and as you develop your strategy remember that things have changed.  You no longer can look at past history and past trends.  You have to focus strongly on current statistics much more than anything you did in the past.  You also have to be very selective because favorites are highly priced. It is definitely not as easy to bet on hockey as in the past but you can still make money if you use the proper strategies.