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Hockey Betting and NHL Betting Lines

NHL hockey betting is similar in many respects to baseball betting and other forms of sports betting because a money line is used in both sports. Online hockey gambling odds usually involve money lines and totals as part of the NHL betting odds. The money line in hockey gambling is pretty much the same as the money line in other forms of sports betting. With this type of hockey bet, you’re putting money down on who you think will win the game outright against the hockey odds.

There is no point spread involved in this type of NHL betting line.  Money lines in sports betting provide excellent opportunities for players to make money, and that includes betting on hockey.

The ability to bet a team without worrying about a hockey gambling point-spread is very attractive to many sports betting players who look at the NHL line when making an NHL pick. A NHL betting line is just one area where the money line is a good sports betting option.

NHL Hockey Betting Example
Minnesota Wild   +160
Detroit Red Wings -190

Detroit is favored in this Hockey betting line. To win $100 on Detroit, you would have to bet $190 for this hockey bet. You would win $160 on the Wild for your $100 wager if Minnesota won this hockey bet. These hockey odds are based on $100 hockey bets but can be used as any equivalent all the way down to $10 as you are betting on hockey against the Hockey odds. The other main pro hockey betting option is the over/under in hockey betting.

With the over/under in hockey betting, you’re betting on hockey gambling goal totals. Totals vary from game to game with NHL betting odds and usually range from 4.5 to 7 goals in NHL betting odds. Usually you’ll see 5, 5.5 or 6 as the over/under on the NHL betting line. Playoff and Stanley Cup games tend to be lower scoring and it is those games that may have the occasional 4.5 as a total in NHL betting odds or NHL Vegas odds.

As you begin your pro hockey betting you want to keep in mind that ties no longer are a part of the game. Overtime last five minutes and then a tie game goes to a shootout. This means the value on underdogs has gone down in pro hockey betting since the better team usually wins a shootout in pro hockey betting.

Hockey betting is not as popular as other sports betting endeavors but it does have its place during the winter months with those that bet hockey. Hockey odds are posted on all regular season and NHL playoff games and that gives sports betting players a lot of good chances to profit during the NHL season. NHL Vegas odds usually involve the money line and over/unders.

There are also future NHL betting hockey odds available for teams to win the Stanley Cup. Future wagers in online hockey wagering can be part of the overall hockey handicapping strategy of many sports betting players. Hockey betting is a part of most sportsbooks and gives gamblers another option to make money during the year.

As you look at hockey betting this season remember that just because the sport is low on the radar of many sports betting players doesn’t mean you can’t make money at it. Give hockey gambling a look and you may be very pleased with your results.

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