Winning Football Betting Totals at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

As you look at football betting don’t forget to look at totals. They can oftentimes provide better value than sides in football online betting.

Football betting can be done on totals, also known as over/unders. Over/under football online betting is particularly popular for feature games such as the Sunday or Monday Night games as totals are often tied into parlays with whatever the side selection is for gamblers. Let’s look at the options of betting totals. Football betting totals are easy to figure out.

When you see a large football betting number to the right of the pointspread it is the total. You are wagering on whether or not the game would combine for a total score that would go over or under that set number. The winner of the game is completely irrelevant when betting totals; just the combined score is all that counts in totals football betting.

Just as is the case with pointspread side NFL football betting, there is a ten-percent “vig/juice” charge for each over/under wager that you make. Just as when betting sides, there are different over/under football betting angles and team reputations to take into account, which are relative to the number posted on the NFL football betting boards. For example, high scoring offensive teams with weak defenses, such as past editions of the Cincinnati Bengals and Detroit Lions, will often have high football online betting numbers posted on their games. And even if their games are, in fact, high scoring they may still end up going under the number because the football betting oddsmakers posted a total that was so high, in anticipation of the gambling public’s demand.

By that same token, you can have a low scoring game go over the total if it is a matchup between to stone-age offensive type teams with rock-ribbed defenses, particularly if the game is played in bad weather as the football betting oddsmakers will know that the public is thinking “under” and beat them to the punch with a low number. As is the case with sides, NFL football betting on totals is about value.

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