Winning Pro Football Online Betting at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football online betting is not always successful by looking at the better team. Many times, the favorite on the football betting board is not the best.

Football online betting is a tough challenge for the average sports bettor. But just because it is difficult to succeed at doesn’t mean that it is complicated. In fact, the biggest losers at pro football betting are often the misguided souls that try and turn handicapping into rocket science. In reality, there are some simple check points that a gambler can use to win more money at pro football online betting.

Oftentimes the lesser of the two teams in a football betting matchup is the favorite only because they are the home team, not because they are better. This taps into one of the first truths about analyzing the pro football betting lines, which is that the masses hate taking road dogs, regardless of merit and value, which means that you will see “false” home football betting favorites almost every week.

Ultimately, therefore, you can often find the better team and plus points on the pro football online betting board, which means that you are getting added value, which is always a good thing and a great way to eat back at that ten-percent house edge with the “vig” charged for each wager.

Another simple checkpoint in preparing your research against the pro football online betting lines is both the offensive and defensive rushing statistics. Forget the hype about the “west coast offense” and passing attacks, the fact remains that football, and football online betting, is won in the trenches and that the best teams at rushing the ball and stopping the rush are the teams that will make the most money against the football online betting pointspread, as they are controlling the game.

Yet another great point of reference in football online betting is the turnover ratio statistics. Teams that force more turnovers than they commit have a tendency to “make their own luck” while the opposite is also true in football online betting. There is nothing more gratifying than stealing a “lucky win” rather than suffering a “bad beat” in online football betting and turnovers are the ultimate reason for these extremes.

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