Winning 2010 Super Bowl Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl odds always attract a great deal of interest.

The favored team is always expected to win and cover the Super Bowl betting pointspread, but the underdogs have definitely done okay.  Do you take the favorite or the underdog this year in Super Bowl odds?

Super Bowl odds have the largest pointspread ever in the Super Bowl being in Super Bowl XXVIIII.  That was when the San Francisco 49ers were 18 point favorites against the San Diego Chargers.  The 49ers also covered that big pointspread in Super Bowl betting. The smallest Super Bowl odds ever were in Super Bowl V when Dallas was a one point favorite over the Baltimore Colts.

If you want to win in Super Bowl odds then see if you can pick the team that will score first.  More than 60% of the time, the team that scores first also wins the game.  If they happen to score a touchdown, that percentage goes up to about 70%.  There is actually a prop bet in Super Bowl odds that correlates the first score to winning the game. 

Another fact in Super Bowl odds looks at the halftime score.  The team leading at the half wins the game about 80% of the time.  Another prop that comes up every year in the Super Bowl is whether or not the game will go to overtime.  It has never happened in the history of the game but in recent years it has gotten closer to happening.

If you see a team getting a double-digit lead then you can pretty much take them to the bank.  Only once has a team blown a 10 point or more lead in Super Bowl betting and lost the game.  There have been a few times in the Super Bowl where neither team had a double-digit lead.

Super Bowl betting indicates that a total of five coaches have taken two different teams to the big game. Bill Parcells coached the Giants and Patriots; Don Shula coached the Colts and Dolphins, Mike Holmgren the Packers and Seahawks, Dan Reeves with the Broncos and Falcons and Dick Vermeil with the Eagles and the Rams.

There have only been two teams that have lost four times in the Super Bowl.  The Minnesota Vikings and Buffalo Bills have that dubious distinction.
The Pittsburgh Steelers have the most Super Bowl wins in history with six.

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