Wide Receivers Considered Sleepers in the 2015-16 Season

December 13th, 2019 NFL Football

With the 2015 NFL Season just around the corner we feel we should take a look at whom many feel there are some Wide Receivers who could be consider sleepers in this 2015-16 season that easily could become the top WR’s in the game. Many of the Wide Receivers have already been previewed but we pick some 10 who appear to be sleepers this upcoming season.

We start with the 10th from the Vikings of Minnesota who is C. Johnson who could become their new 1st choice after his stats from 2014. Having played just 7 games, he still had 25 receptions for 2 TD’s and with 415 yards receiving. This 3rd year WR from Grand Valley State is a good selection.

Then 9th is the Raiders of Oakland and A. Cooper who is a rookie and wide recievers star player from the Alabama Crimson Tide and in his last year there he scored 16 TD’s on 124 catches for 1,728 yards. He very easily could work his way into a starting position for the Raiders.

8th is the Colts of Indianapolis’s WR A. Johnson who is 34 years old, and a 7 time Pro Bowler, and has not scored over 5 TD’s a season since back in 2010, but this very well could be his best, since last season he had 85 receptions for some 940 yards. Should QB Luck starts throwing in his direction, that would help tremendously for a reaching a career high this season.

Next at 7th in the Eagles of Philadelphia’s J. Matthews a 2nd round pick of Vandy, and is with a high test offense who is set to replace their WR Maclin who was traded to the Chiefs. Last year he scored 8 TD’s for some 874 yards on 68 receptions.

6th is the Steelers of Pittsburgh’s M. Bryant a receiver that QB Roethlisberger seem to find for TD’s, as a rookie he scored 10 TD’s on 26 catches for 550 yards. This season his role should be increased as he seems to be a player the defense loses.

Then 5th is Lions of Detroit’s G. Tate who they call the yardage factory whom last season had 1,333 yards on some 100 receptions and that was 5th in his league and went to the Pro Bowl in 2014, but ironically he only scored 4 TD’s for the season. More than likely his statistics on TD’s should increase in the 2015-16 season.

4th is the Chargers of San Diego’s K. Allen who had an off season in 2014, as he scored only 4 TD’s on some 784 yards. But the latest is that he has lost weight to increase his speed rate. That should also be good for QB River who is seeking bigger stats in his passing game. Allen in rookie year had 8 TD’s and 1,050 yards receiving, and now he just need to put it all together for a great season again.

Then 3rd is the Panthers of Carolina’s K. Benjamin who last season as a rookie had a breakout year, scoring 9 TD’s on 73 receptions for some 1010 yards. He along with QB Newton late in the season gave the Panthers an excellent 1-2 punch combination. If this former FSU receiver can stay away from a slumping season, he could have a great year.

2nd is the Bills of Buffalo’s S. Watkins was 1 of 3 rookies last 2014 season, but still had some 65 catches for 985 yards while dealing with injuries, but still scored some 6 TD’s. Watkins was the MVP of the 2014 Orange Bowl, and the confusion on QB’s, whether it is Cassel of Emanuel won’t matter to Watkins ad he strives on adversity.

Then if you Bet on the NFL and are into NFL Betting the 1st choice from the Buccaneers of Tampa Bay’s M. Evans and none of the others has what it take to move from a sleeper to the top of the heap like M. Evans. In his rookie season, and not being the lead receiver he still scored some 12 TD’s on 68 receptions that went for 1,055 yards, and that broke the Buccaneers single season records for TD catches. This year with QB Winston who is a rookie but deemed the most NFL ready, should provide Evans with some interesting statistics in becoming 1 of the top receivers in the NFL.

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