Why NFL Preseason Odds are Different

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL preseason odds are different than regular season NFL betting odds.

Yes, they look the same on the sportsbook board, but they really are not. NFL preseason betting games don’t count at all on the field and some teams blow them off as unimportant.

NFL preseason odds have to be handicapped differently than regular season NFL betting odds. Keep in mind that it is not uncommon for last place teams to beat championship teams in the preseason.   Having said that, the most important things to keep in mind with NFL preseason odds is that while the games do not count on the field, they do count at the sportsbook and nobody gets his money back for losing bets on preseason games.  Thus, it is important for those who are involved in NFL preseason betting to know what to look for before wagering.

NFL preseason odds at the sportsbook have motivation factors that are important to consider. On the positive side, many teams with new coaches will play harder during the preseason in the attempt to develop good habits and a winning attitude.  These teams with new coaches are likely coming off poor seasons from the year before and will place more emphasis on having a good preseason than established championship teams with veteran players and coaching staffs.  These types of teams should always be at the top of anyone’s list when researching NFL preseason odds.

On the other hand, established championship teams with a lot of veteran players that have played together for a number of seasons under a coaching staff that has been around during that time need very little time in preseason action except to fine tune things and avoid injuries.  These types of teams will often play second and third stringers extensively while the opposite types of teams will often play starters far longer in order to learn the new systems of a new coaching staff.   These teams with little use for the preseason make for good potential “go against” candidates when looking at NFL preseason betting. Oftentimes when you are looking at NFL preseason odds you will have poor teams at home against established powers and you can get a solid play.

Also remember as you bet NFL preseason odds that the third game of the preseason for each team is critical importance.   This is the week in NFL preseason betting when most of the starters for both teams will play and it is more like a regular season NFL betting game.

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