Online American Football Betting: Why Love Home Dogs at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Online American football betting enthusiasts often prefer wagering on favored teams, as many fans simply find it hard to wager on the worse team in a given matchup.

Nevertheless, when the underdog happens to be playing at home in an online American football betting contest the team tends to attract much more online NFL betting action. Such is the case because home dogs can provide excellent online American football betting value for reasons that all gamblers should understand.

The online American football betting public tends to prefer wagering on favorites, while many sharps focus on underdogs. The online NFL betting public likes favorites because it simply feels logical to wager on the top teams in the league. Upsets are very common in the NFL, where anything can happen on any given Sunday, but many online American football betting enthusiasts still believe it makes the most sense to support the league’s most skilled teams. The obvious problem with continually favoring online American football betting favorites is that they not only must win their games, but also cover the online NFL betting spreads. Accurately predicting when the favorites will fail to live up to expectations is naturally the key to online American football betting on underdogs.

Many fans feel as though underdogs tend to perform particularly well against the online American football betting odds when they are playing at home. This feeling is quite rational, as the league’s bottom teams are likely to achieve their few victories when enjoying the many benefits of home field advantage. Underdogs playing at home benefit from comfortable and supportive surroundings and they can sometimes even beat the top teams in the NFL. Also, lousy underdogs frequently have very young rosters, and young players have a reputation for playing poorly on the road and well at home. Therefore, when you analyze betting lines you should pay close attention to home dogs and determine whether the teams can achieve a surprise victory. In fact, many gamblers who enjoy online American football betting on home dogs frequently bet on them using the money line instead of the point spread. One obviously cannot simply begin online American football betting on every single home dog and expect to win money throughout the online NFL betting season. But home dogs certainly offer special value that all online American football betting enthusiasts should understand and look for.

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