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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football odds are definitely exciting and while there is no real wrong answer as to why people bet odds football, it sure is nicer to win money.

Football odds are the sports odds of choice for many people. Why do gamblers love football odds so much? Is it simply out of boredom, to get a rush during the televised games, or to have “action?” Is it possible that many people bet odds football action to make money?

Let’s say that your plan is to make serious money betting football odds. How does one go about laying the foundation and groundwork for this most ambitious goal? If you want to truly take up the greatest challenge in all of gambling, which is to beat the football odds for a profit and a living, you must divorce yourself not only from the “action” mentality, but also from those individual gamblers themselves that have such an outlook.

“Action” is what will drive you to play too many games on the odds football board. With football odds you should have the similar outlook as your poker player brethren, who operate with the “less is more” approach. An old poker adage is that the less hands that you play, the better that you are going to do. The same principle applies to football odds, as the fewer games that you play, the likelier that you are going to find top value and an edge against the NFL odds board.

It also helps to distance yourself from typical thinking, methodologies and outlooks that are used by the masses otherwise you will end up losing money versus odds football action each week. In reality, when you are betting football odds you should avoid the group and herd of lemmings and step out of the crowd rather than go with it. Sportsbooks are not open nor stay in business because the masses win and are usually right in football odds action. Just the opposite is true, and you will find that the more gamblers are on one side of a game, the less valuable that side is and the more valuable the other side is with those extra points that the public gave you in football odds.

Whatever your reason for betting football odds, whether it is action, to make money, or a combination of both, hopefully you enjoy the games.

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