What Not to do with NFL Betting Lines at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting lines give you a lot of different choices.

If you want to make money against the football odds it is often as important to know what not to do as it is what to do. The golden rule of wagering against NFL betting lines is to avoid being linked up with the crowd, and to avoid conventional wisdom.

NFL betting lines mistakes are made every single week during the season. These mistakes are more often than not made by the gamblers but sometimes the football oddsmakers will make some too. The first thing you don’t want to do when looking at NFL betting lines is place too much stock on last week’s games. This is a huge mistake that gamblers make every single week when betting football odds. The football odds makers also sometimes overreact to games from the previous week. You need to avoid making that mistake when wagering against NFL betting lines. The NFL season is truly a marathon rather than a sprint and each team will play 16 games in a league known for parity and competitive balance. Even the great teams will usually have bad games, or even bad stretches.

On the other side of the “what have you done for me lately” angle are teams that have great games the previous week versus NFL betting lines. You should realize that rarely are teams as good or as bad as they played last week. Don’t jump on the bandwagon as most of the public will with teams that looked good last week versus the NFL betting lines.

If you want to win money versus NFL betting lines you must remain in control and disciplined. Many gamblers lose control after one loss or a series of losses and that is a mistake you can’t afford to make when wagering against NFL betting lines.

You also can’t overreact to anything when betting NFL betting lines. We talked about not overreacting to last week’s results and not overreacting to your own losses. You also can’t get carried away by NFL betting lines that move, injuries, rumors, etc. These are almost always built into the football odds and reacting to them will usually result in you losing money in the long run.

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