What is Your NFL Betting Vision at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting vision is sometimes misunderstood. In many cases it’s actually just as important to realize what vision is not as compared to what it is when you prepare for football betting action.

NFL betting vision is not putting together a string of ten-team-parlays with half of your bankroll in the attempt to make a killing once and for all to retire. That is foolishness. Vision is to understand that there is a predetermined place you want to reach come the end of the NFL betting season, or a set period of time, and you will always stay on course to get there. This means that chasing, tilt, and low percentage wagers in NFL betting are not characteristics of vision.

A great example of vision is a gambler that had a tough NFL betting weekend and lost a fair amount of his bankroll as he heads into both the Sunday and Monday Night NFL betting games. The guy with vision will accept his losses as part of the game, and not go on tilt trying to bail out on games that he may not have even liked in the first place in football betting.

Part of having vision is to realize that money thrown away on tilt is money gone and not available when a solid wager, possibility with far greater value, is available later in the football betting season. You want to be around for better times, not broke because you made bad times worse in NFL betting.

Vision is how the best gamblers, the professionals, endure losing in NFL betting as this vision of where they ultimately want to be is what keeps them on the straight and narrow. Vision is realizing that NFL betting is a marathon, rather than a sprint, and that there are no quick fixes or easy answers. The gambler that realizes and respects the challenge of football betting will develop stronger character and a better vision. When a gambler gives respect he will end up gaining self respect and be more effective in NFL betting.

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