NFL Odds Week by Week

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL odds week by week action for the 2010 regular season began on Thursday, September 9th as the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints hosted the Minnesota Vikings.

NFL odds week by week feature four primetime games in Week 1. In addition to the Saints and Vikings, NBC also has Dallas at Washington on Sunday while ESPN has the Ravens at the Jets and Chargers at the Chiefs on Monday Night Football.

NFL odds week by week coverage continues in Week 2 highlighted by NBC’s game as the Colts host the Giants and Mondays when the Saints visit San Francisco. Week 3 has the Jets at the Dolphins on NBC on Sunday night while ESPN has the Packers and the Bears.

NFL odds week by week continues with the Bears at the Giants on NBC in Week 4 and the Patriots at Miami on ESPN on Monday night. Week 5 has the Eagles at the 49ers on NBC and the Vikings at the Jets on ESPN Monday Night Football. Week 6 features Indianapolis at Washington on NBC and Tennessee at Jacksonville on ESPN.

Week 7 NFL odds are superb as the Vikings visit the Packers on NBC while the Giants are at the Cowboys on ESPN. Week 8 it is Pittsburgh at New Orleans on NBC and Houston at Indianapolis on ESPN. Week 9 on NBC it will be Dallas at Green Bay while ESPN has Pittsburgh at Cincinnati. Week 10 features Baltimore at Atlanta on the NFL Network on Thursday, November 11th while the Patriots are at the Steelers on NBC on Sunday and the Eagles visit the Redskins on ESPN on Monday. Week 11 has Chicago at Miami on the NFL Network on Thursday, the Giants at the Eagles on Sunday on NBC and Denver at San Diego on ESPN on Monday.

Thanksgiving football has the Patriots at the Lions on CBS, the Saints at the Cowboys on Fox and Cincinnati at the Jets on the NFL Network. Also that week it will be San Diego at Indianapolis on NBC and San Francisco at Arizona on ESPN.

Week 13 begins on Thursday, December 2nd with Houston at Philadelphia on the NFL Network. Sunday it is Pittsburgh at Baltimore on NBC and on Monday the Jets at New England on ESPN. Week 14 has the Colts at the Titans on the NFL Network, the Eagles at Dallas on NBC and Baltimore at Houston on ESPN. Week 15 it is San Francisco at San Diego on the NFL Network, Green Bay at New England on NBC and Chicago at Minnesota on ESPN. Week 16 has Carolina at Pittsburgh on the NFL Network, Dallas at Arizona on the NFL Network, San Diego at Cincinnati on NBC and New Orleans at Atlanta on ESPN. Week 17 prime time games will be announced at a later date.

All of these games and others are available in NFL odds week by week at SBG Global.

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