Week 6 Ravens at 49ers Betting Preview

December 3rd, 2019 NFL Football

As the 2015-16 NFL Regular Season winds on into Week 6 we have what we think will be an exciting game for NFL fans on Sunday the 18th of October between the Ravens of Baltimore 1-4 (AFC North) playing the 49ers of San Francisco 1-4 (NFC West) with the game being played at the Levi’s Stadium on Santa Clara, California with the kick-off scheduled for 4:25 PM ET and seen on CBS TV.

The opening betting odds for those that Bet on NFL football at SBG Global.com the Ravens of Baltimore are the early favorites at -2 ½ -120 with the Over/under at 43 ½ and -145 on the Money Line, while the underdog 49ers are +2 ½ EV and +125 on the Money Line.

The Ravens and the 49ers both have found ways to lose in the last few weeks, as the Ravens are now 1-4 with their last loss to the Browns of Cleveland, while the 49ers struggling lost the Sunday night game to the Giants of New York.

If you’re a fan of the Ravens of Baltimore who are now with 1 win and 4 losses who actually had the lead in the game 27-22 in the 4th quarter with only 5:55 left in the game, and lost the game 33-30 in OT. Even in the loss the Ravens QB J. Flacco had a decent game as he completed some 19 of his 35 passes for 212 yards and 1 TD and was sacked only once in the game. Their RB J. Forsett got back to action as he carried the ball 22 times for 122 yards.

The Ravens receivers could not get going in that game as their star receiver Smith Sr. nursed a back injury, and K. Allen was the leader with 80 yards in receptions but only managed to catch 4 of 9 passes to him, while Forsett caught 4 of 5 passes his way for 50 yards. Even with Smith out of the lineup, the Raven receivers should fancy going up against the 49ers pass defense which allowed their opponents in week 5 some 440 yards passing and 3 touchdowns in Week 5 of the season.

Offensively the Ravens can add to their passing game, by a strong performance in the running game with RB Forsett. To date the 49ers have allowed 8 rushing touchdowns and 110 rushing yards per game. If Forsett can’t start, then rookie RB J. Allen should be able to take up the slack.

Defensively the Ravens have been solid in the pass rush that could advance on the 49ers struggling offensive line, as QB C. Kaepernick has witnessed the pressure all season. This season the Raven defense is ranked 5th having 15 sacks to date, with four DL having 2 sacks each? In the ultimate 4 games, playing against the 49ers the Ravens has won all 4 of those games.

For the fans of the 49ers of San Francisco your team also presently has 1 win and 4 losses, as the struggled and lost the last game in OT to the Giants 30-27. Their QB Kaepernick had a good game as he completed a 80 yard drive in the 4th to take the lead in the game 27-23 with only 2 minutes in regular time left, as he completed 2 of his 3 passing attempts for 52 yards with 2 passes going to T. Smith and A. Boldin and 1 reception in that drive. Then Giants receiver C. Hyde had a diving TD to win the game 30-27.

Actually 49ers QB Kaepernick had a good game and an excellent 4th quarter as he made fast reads and gained advantage with his receivers running underneath routes, and he finished the game with a 108.1 pass rating, his season high. He also for the game completed 23 of his 35 pass attempts for 264 yards and 2 touchdowns. His leading receiver in the game was A. Boldin who had 8 receptions for some 108 yards and a TD.

The 49ers running game provided support for their passing game, as RB C. Hyde carried the ball some 21 times for 94 yards rushing. They 49ers are hoping their running offense will catch fire again in this game with the ravens, which rank 24th in the NFL as they have allowed opponents of average 379 offensive yards each game to date.

On defense the 49ers have struggled as they allowed some 407 yards of offense each game which ranks 31st in the NFL to date. They also have averaged allowing opponents to score some 28 points each game in 2015. In the ultimate 7 games the 49ers have played in the Levi Stadium in Santa Clara they are 1 and 6 against the spread.

The experts predict that the Ravens pass defense will attack QB Kaepernick often and early in the game, and their QB Flacco has a great performance against the 49ers secondary and this will be the Ravens 1st blowout game of 2015.

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