NFL Week 12 Odds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL odds Week 12 provide for several days of football betting action because Week 12 marks the beginning of the Thursday games being added to the schedule.

Perhaps the most anticipated game of NFL odds Week 12 will be the very first game, in which Favre and the Packers will take on the resurgent Lions in an NFC North divisional battle.

NFL odds Week 12 also feature two other Thursday contests. In the afternoon the Jets will play the Cowboys in Dallas and Romo and company are heavy favorites for this match up in the NFL early odds Week 12. In the evening, the Colts are road favorites against the Falcons, which will provide for an interesting NFL odds Week 12 match up.

The meat of the NFL early odds Week 12 obviously involve the Sunday match ups. One of the most exciting early games will be the Redskins against the Buccaneers as both teams fight for playoff spots. The potent defenses of the Bears and Jaguars have both teams as home favorites against the Broncos and Bills, respectively, in the NFL odds Week 12 board. NFL early odds Week 12 also include some important divisional games, as the Saints will face the Panthers in the NFC South, the Seahawks will face the Rams in the NFC West, and the Raiders will face the Chiefs in the AFC West. Eli Manning and the New York Giants will be huge favorites on the NFL odds Week 12 board as they face the visiting Vikings squad. Also, the Titans will put their physical defense against the high flying Bengals offense in another exciting NFL odds Week 12 match up. One of the most interesting NFL odds Week 12 contests involves the Browns playing the Texans, as both teams have enjoyed surprising success in 2007.

The Sunday afternoon NFL early odds Week 12 board features two home favorites looking to forge their path to the playoffs. The Arizona Cardinals will host the 49ers and the Chargers will host the Ravens in these match ups in which the NFL odds Week 12 board clearly illustrates a lack of confidence in the visiting underdog teams. The Sunday evening contest on the NFL odds Week 12 board has Tom Brady, Randy Moss, and the Patriots as heavy favorites over the visiting Eagles. On Monday night, Joey Porter and the Dolphins will have to suffer through a painful trip to Pittsburgh in which the NFL odds Week 12 naturally have the Steelers as big betting favorites.

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