Week 1 NFL Betting Odds Movement

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

It is the one time of the year when NFL odds have been available for a long time. During the regular season the next week’s NFL betting odds will appear so there is not as much time for line movement.

Since Week 1 NFL betting odds have been on the board for a long time it has given bettors a chance to really move the line.

NFL betting odds at the sports book have moved on a lot of the Week 1 games. The biggest line move has happened on the game between Kansas City and Baltimore. The Ravens opened as 8.5 point home favorites but they are now 13 point favorites in NFL odds. The next biggest move in NFL betting odds is on the game between Denver and Cincinnati. The Bengals started as one-point favorites and are now 4.5 point sports betting favorites.

The Cowboys are always a popular team in NFL odds and that is the case again this season. They opened as a 3-point favorite in NFL betting odds at Tampa Bay and have risen to a 6-point choice.

A line move in NFL odds that is 2.5 points but really meaningless is on the game between Carolina and Philadelphia. The Panthers started as a one-point favorite at the sports book and now the Eagles are favored by 1.5. It is a 2.5 point move but unless the Eagles or Panthers win by exactly one point, which is unlikely, the line move means nothing.

Monday night the Chargers have risen from a 7-point favorite in NFL betting odds to a 9-point choice against the Raiders. Another popular team in NFL betting odds is the Minnesota Vikings with Brett Favre at quarterback. They started as a 3-point favorite at Cleveland and are now favored by 4.5.

New Orleans started as a 12-point favorite in NFL betting odds against Detroit and has risen to 13.5 and could easily go to a two touchdown favorite before kickoff. Seattle started as a touchdown favorite in NFL betting odds against St. Louis and has risen to an 8.5 point choice. Green Bay started as a 3-point favorite against Chicago and is now a 3.5 or 4-point choice in NFL betting odds. This line move is actually more significant than some of the others since rarely do sports betting oddsmakers move a game off of the number of 3. The other games in Week 1 have not seen much line movement.

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