Weather Impacts NFL Betting Odds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting odds late in the season are oftentimes impacted by the weather.

Early in the season the weather is rarely a factor in NFL odds but when the seasons change and winter takes effect, NFL betting odds can be affected.

NFL betting odds are impacted the most by rain, snow and wind.  Cold temperatures can also impact NFL odds but rarely do gamblers look much at the cold weather.  What has to be remembered about NFL betting odds in bad weather is that the NFL odds makers also know the weather forecast.  And they know that you will react to the bad weather.  The NFL betting odds may move in one direction or the other simply based upon the weather forecast. 

Handicappers that really pay attention to NFL betting odds will not base their entire decision on the weather. They will handicap the game normally and then decide if the weather is a big factor in terms of NFL betting odds.  The public will not do that.  They will look at the weather and automatically bet the cold weather team or take the under.  What gamblers forget about NFL betting odds is that teams can still score in bad weather.  In fact, if the wind is not blowing hard, teams can move the ball, especially in the snow. They may have trouble in the rain but the equalizer is turnovers which can lead to points.

As you look at the weather in terms of NFL betting odds remember that teams can move the ball regardless of rain, snow or cold.  They may have more trouble throwing the ball in the wind so keep that in mind more so than the snow or rain.  Also remember that teams that run the ball effectively will be good versus the NFL odds no matter the weather conditions.  Teams in 2008 that fit the bill are Tennessee, the Giants and even Washington.  Two of these are also cold weather teams and that doesn’t hurt their chances versus the NFL betting odds.

Weather can be a factor in terms of NFL betting odds but don’t let it be your only factor. Open a New Account and bet on NFL Football at SBG Global!

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