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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Wagering on football in both the colleges and the pros can be profitable if you look at some of the key factors.

While there are several significant differences between pro and college football betting the most obvious difference is also the greatest challenge in succeeding at college football betting, which is simply learning how to deal with the significantly larger amount of teams and games.

Wagering on football involves 32 pro football teams, all of whom play in large media markets, while there are 120 college football teams and some of them play in relatively obscure areas and media markets in which coverage and information is hard to come by.

The big mistake that so many handicappers make while wagering on football in the colleges is that they bite off more than they can chew by trying to analyze all of the teams and games each week. In the end, all this really accomplishes is considerable confusion and clouding of the mind and takes away a gambler’s ability to be decisive and think clearly. By trying to analyze all of the games and teams a football betting gambler is far more likely than not to become confused as the numbers, names, teams, and games all become one giant blur when wagering on football.

Another trap that far too many handicappers fall into when wagering on football in colleges is that they end up playing far too many games. The affect of this is really no different than playing poker, where the old adage is that the less hands you play the better off you will be. This principle holds true when wagering on football in the colleges where the more games you play means that the less selective that you are being. Nobody ever made a living wagering on football by betting on a laundry list.

Simplicity is the key when wagering on football. The more complex a gambler’s handicapping methodology is and the more games that a gambler wagers on, the worse he will do in the long run when wagering on football. The secret to success when wagering on football is realizing that the volume of teams and games leads to good value opportunity.

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