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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Wagering football tips can useful to look at as you prepare for your football betting this season.

Developing a winning methodology to use against the football betting odds is a difficult assignment but it can be done.

Wagering football books and articles on “how to beat the spread” can be helpful. There are some definite ways to approach beating the wagering football odds. First, we want to take the better team whenever possible. This sounds so simple, right? And it is simple. But there is more to that. We also want the better team to be the better value, which is the trick of beating the wagering football odds. The better team in a game is no value if they are an overlay but when the better team is getting points, or laying just a few when they should be laying more, then we have value. Judging a team when looking at wagering football lines comes down to some important factors. The better team will nearly always have the better defense, make fewer mistakes, be on the plus side in turnover ratio, and have a competent quarterback. The worse teams have the weak defenses, have poor turnover ratios, and often make killer mistakes on special teams.

The next important thing to take into account with your methodology against the wagering football lines is to not think like the masses. Your methodology should be based on solid fundamentals but also be unique to the extent that not everyone is going to come up with the same answers that you have. Rest assured, you cannot and will not consistently beat the wagering football odds and make a profit by betting the same way as everyone else. A good thing to do is see how the masses are reacting to wagering football games and what their “takes” are on certain matchups. Keep an open mind as when the wagering football masses cannot see something coming they usually get blindsided.

Finally, simply do not bet on bad teams against the football betting odds. Nothing is more frustrating than having money on a team that is powerless, helpless, hopeless and blown out of a game early.

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