Wagering Football Winning Myths at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Wagering football myths are oftentimes based upon public perceptions. The stronger the reputation, the legend, or the myth, the weaker the value is likely to be on the football betting odds boards.

Wagering football myths are sometimes tough to spot. They exist in NFL and college football. Few teams have enjoyed a better reputation for a powerful home field advantage as the Kansas City Chiefs have.

Arrowhead Stadium has been a truly intimidating place to play for opposing teams since the early 1990’s. The Chiefs have been exceptionally tough to beat at Arrowhead on a straight up basis but they don’t always cover the wagering football pointspread. Gamblers rarely make money backing the Chiefs at home. This is a classic example of where reality trumps perception against the football betting odds.

In the college football ranks, there are few more intimidating places to play than Miami’s Orange Bowl, where “The U” takes the field. The wagering football masses are terrified of opposing mighty Miami at the Orange Bowl, which is a testimony to their colossal ignorance as the Canes have a losing record against the pointspread since 1998. Another famed and feared college football venue is the famous “Big House,” home of the Michigan Wolverines. Again, the wagering football masses hate to oppose Michigan at home and yet Michigan fails to cover the wagering football pointspread more often than not in the past decade. Another team that has a reputation of being tough at home is Tennessee. They draw well over 105,000 fans per game and have been a perennial SEC title contender. Yet in the last decade they have ruined the wagering football bettors that have backed them at home.

What you should always keep in mind is that the wagering football masses make their bets based on straight reputations of teams, not taking into account how the football betting odds are set up, which is all based on wagering football consumer demand. Perception is oftentimes not reality when it comes to gambling and that definitely is the case with some of the more popular football myths.

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