Vikings Winfield Signs Five Year Deal – NFL Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The Minnesota Vikings signed cornerback Antoine Winfield to a five-year deal on Thursday.

The Pro Bowl cornerback is considered a huge part of the Minnesota defense and the Vikings were pleased to get the deal done. The deal includes a reported $16 million in guaranteed money as NFL betting numbers indicate and could be worth as much as $36 million if Winfield plays through 2013 and reaches certain incentives. "It feels great," Winfield said. "I’ve got no worries. I’m excited."

Winfield was going to be in the final year of his contract as NFL odds info showed and negotiations had broken off during the summer. For a while it was not looking good but the two sides came together and got something done. Winfield did not participate in optional workouts this summer as NFL betting notes showed and he also missed the team’s mandatory minicamp in June. Winfield’s agent Ashanti Webb said the deal took longer to complete because of Winfield’s age. He is 32 years old and his going into his 11th NFL season. That is not the prime part of a player’s career. "We just had a tough time putting this thing together because we didn’t have anything to go by," Webb said. He said he looked back to how Washington and Darrell Green dealt with their situation years ago. Online betting information tells us that Green was an older defensive back that played great even when he was past his prime years. "It was never a situation where they didn’t want to do it or we didn’t want to do it," Webb said. "It really was unprecedented."

Winfield had a great 2008 season and impacted NFL odds results at the online sportsbook. He had 95 tackles, four forced fumbles, two interceptions and two sacks as NFL betting statistics show. Winfield has said he is very ready for training camp to begin and that he is in great shape. "I feel great," Winfield said. "I’ve been working out down in Houston the last six weeks. I have no injuries, a clear mind. I’ve been playing this game a long time and I have a lot left in me."

The Vikings area considered a serious NFL betting contender in the NFC at the online sportsbook and Winfield believes the team should win. "We have all the pieces in place," Winfield said. "We have no excuses."

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