Using NFL Trends as you Bet Football at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet football handicapping for some people is all about trends, particularly NFL betting. Do NFL betting trends really work?

You see trends every week as you bet football but do they do you any good?

Bet football trends can also be called angles or situations. The problem with trends is that we can find some good ones on both teams every week as we bet football

Why do NFL betting trends with records like 32-7 ATS or 23-3 ATS fail at least half of the time?  If you look long enough and hard enough, the chances are that you are going to find amazing trends on nearly every single game as you bet football. You might some amazing trend that is 14-1 in the past five years. Who really cares? When we talk about trends we have to remember that we are talking about the past.  It does not make any difference to the two teams playing what has happened earlier. It is still about a coin flip that the NFL betting trend you are looking at will continue. 

Let’s say that you have found a trend that really has proven its worth over time and you want to really take it into consideration as you bet football.  Take for example the Monday Night football home dog. This has been a very popular betting trend for many years. The problem with the trend being so popular is that now the oddsmaker takes the trend into consideration when making the line. The value is now gone as you bet football. The trend is now virtually useless because the numbers don’t back it up. That is the problem with many trends. They are in the past. What worked many years ago does not have any relevant value to what will happen in today’s game.

Trends are very easy to find, very easy to use, and most of the time don’t give you any added edge as you bet football. Many sports services advertise all the great trends, but as we mentioned earlier, you can find great trends for both teams in nearly every game as you bet football. The bottom line is that trends are vastly overrated as you bet football. They can be interesting to look at, but remember that rarely will you make any money by following them as you bet football.

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