Unpredictable 2009 NFL Draft Odds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

2009 NFL Draft odds could be unpredictable if the Detroit Lions do something unexpected with the #1 pick.

Experts that look at 2009 NFL Draft betting believe the Lions will select Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford with the #1 pick.

2009 NFL Draft odds tell us that after Stafford things could get interesting as the St. Louis Rams hold the #2 pick. They are expected to choose offensive lineman Jason Smith but St. Louis does need a wide receiver so they might surprise everyone in 2009 NFL Draft betting and take Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

The top player on many 2009 NFL Draft odds board is Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry. He is expected to go at #3 in 2009 NFL Draft betting to the Kansas City Chiefs. If the Rams do something unexpected and take Crabtree at #2 then the Seahawks might have to do something different as well in 2009 NFL Draft odds. Most 2009 NFL Draft odds experts believe they will take Crabtree if he is available but they could choose to take Boston College defensive tackle B.J. Raji. Cleveland sits at #5 in 2009 NFL Draft odds and they will probably take a defensive player like Brian Orakpo out of Texas. The Bengals are at #6 in 2009 NFL Draft betting odds and would love to see Jason Smith fall down to this spot but it is more likely they go with Eugene Monroe out of Virginia or they could take Crabtree if he falls this far. The Raiders are in a similar spot and would take Crabtree if available or they might just surprise everyone and take a potential superstar like Missouri’s Jeremy Maclin.

Jacksonville selects #8 in 2009 NFL Draft odds and could easily take Alabama’s Andre Smith who at one time was the top prospect in the draft but has fallen in recent weeks. Green Bay is at #9 in 2009 NFL Draft odds and needs defense and San Francisco might go with defense since Mike Singletary is the head coach.

The second quarterback to get drafted in 2009 NFL Draft odds is likely to be Mark Sanchez. He could fall into the middle of the first round to a team like Houston.

While the Top 10 players in the 2009 NFL Draft odds are likely to be players previously mentioned they are not necessarily the best overall players. Keep in mind that teams draft to their needs, not necessarily the best players available in 2009 NFL Draft betting odds.

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