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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The United Football League is set to begin its inaugural season in the fall with four teams.

The league will have the same rules as the NFL and many former NFL players who couldn’t make it in the NFL.  The league will have former NFL head coaches, Dennis Green, Jim Fassel and Jim Haslett.

The UFL will have teams in San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas and Orlando.  They are set to play their games on Thursday’s and Fridays in the fall and have many of their games televised by Versus.  That is the same network that televises NHL games.  Since the games are on TV it is very likely the sportsbook will have football betting odds on the games.

Green is the head coach of the San Francisco team which is set to play their games in AT&T Park.  They don’t yet have a nickname or logo or even a roster but Green has been evaluating players. Green has already evaluated as many as 900 players as he looks to put together San Francisco’s roster.  The reality though is that most of his talent is going to come from players who did not make the NFL rosters.

The United Football League was founded three years ago by investor Bill Hambrecht, who was a partner in the failed USFL.  Football betting information tells us that the UFL will be the fourth outdoor football league to try and compete with the NFL.  The World League, USFL and the XFL all folded within three years of their beginning and they did not draw a lot of attention in football betting at the online sportsbook.  The same fate could await the UFL although they are saying they are not trying to compete with the NFL, just supplement it.

The original goal for the UFL was to play games in the summer and the fall with as many as six teams that would have been on the football odds board, but those plans were scrapped and now they will begin with four teams and play games in October and November.  The question will be if the public will watch the UFL games when college and NFL football odds are going on at the same time.  Plus, the UFL will be competing against high school football games which are normally played on Fridays.

The road looks tough for the UFL especially in today’s economic climate but perhaps enough people will watch the games and look at the football betting odds at the sportsbook to give the league a fighting chance this season./p>

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