Underdogs in Football Betting Online at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting online oftentimes involves betting underdogs. This especially applies to NFL football gambling where underdogs can be profitable.

Football betting online for many gamblers involves betting favorites instead of underdogs. If you want to make money at NFL football gambling you need to seriously considering betting underdogs. In the past couple of decades if you had played every single underdog in NFL betting you would have won about 54% of the time. That would have made you a slight profit in football betting online. It is nothing to retire on, but it is a lot better than losing and that is what many people do in football gambling.

You have to remember that the public and the media are in love with favorites in football betting online. They love NFL favorites, even more than the other sports. The problem with favorites is that they don’t cover the spread. The numbers show that nearly every year the underdogs cover more than the favorites in football betting online. That is why sportsbooks love the NFL more than any other sport. The public bets the favorites, and more often than not, the favorites lose against the football betting online pointspread.

People are always going to bet the better teams in the NFL. That is just human nature. That will never change. It is normal to bet the team you think will win the game in football betting online. The problem is that the theory doesn’t work. Underdogs cover in the NFL. Did you know that if you could pick the straight up winner in NFL games then you cover the spread over 80% of the time? That means if you are going to play underdogs in football betting online you might want to consider taking them on the money line as well because oftentimes they win outright. That also tells you that just because a team is a favorite in the NFL does not mean they will win the game. You still won’t convince people of these numbers though. People are going to continue to bet the favorite regardless of how many underdogs cover the football betting online pointspread.

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