The Turnover Factor in NFL Betting at SBG Global Sports Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting factors are always interesting to look at and sometimes interesting to bet.

The biggest factor that wins games for football betting players is turnovers.  We know that NFL betting gamblers scream and yell if their team turns the ball over and we also know that head coaches do the same thing. 

NFL betting results is oftentimes all about turnovers. There is no doubt that turnovers win and lose football games. If you ask any head coach in college or pro football what the biggest factor for winning and losing games is, they will tell you turnovers.  NFL betting gamblers at offshore sportsbooks will often tell you the same thing.  College football is similar to the NFL in that turnovers lead to wins and losses in football betting. The bottom line is that teams that turn the ball over more than their opponents usually end up losing the game. This applies to the pointspread as well. It is just so difficult to make up for turnovers in football gambling, especially when you are laying points.

Oftentimes NFL betting gamblers will skip right over turnover margin as a way to predict games. These football betting gamblers look at yards gained, yards given up, interceptions, sacks, etc. For some reason they don’t focus in on turnover margin in NFL betting. That is to their detriment. Teams that turn the ball over are poor wagers in NFL betting. Conversely, teams that do not turn the ball over are excellent wagers in football betting. You can find the turnover margin statistics at websites that list NFL data. It is not difficult to look at the turnover margin for a game and see which team has the advantage. It doesn’t guarantee you will win your NFL betting wager, but it sure is nice to know that you have an advantage in turnover margin. Every advantage you can get in football gambling is critical during the long season. If coaches and players stress turnovers so much, shouldn’t NFL betting gamblers give it serious weight as well?

Take a look at turnover margins the next time you are looking at making an NFL betting wager. It may provide you with a good way to pick winners this NFL betting season.

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