Tunnel Vision in Football Gambling at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football gambling tunnel vision is a dangerous thing to get.

One of the traps that too many gamblers set for themselves is that they get “married” either on or against a particular team either with the side or the total in NFL gambling and will not get off of that bet no matter how many times they get burned.

Football gambling gives you so many examples of bettors just not realizing what is going on. Time after time teams will have a great season one year and flop the next. Football gambling bettors just refuse to see the light when that happens and continue to throw money down the drain. Conversely, teams that had subpar seasons a year ago will be undervalued even if they are doing well during the current seasons. You can call this tunnel vision if you like in football gambling. It is just so hard for football gambling bettors to change their opinions of a team.

You will have some football gambling bettors that will bet on teams like New England, Indianapolis, Dallas and Green Bay, regardless of how they are doing in the current NFL gambling season. On the other side of the coin you will have bettors in NFL gambling that will continually oppose Detroit, Oakland, Houston and other teams. This is not always a good idea because teams will change from year to year in football gambling. This is especially true in NFL gambling where parity is the name of the game.

What you must always realize with football gambling is that the football gambling oddsmakers know what the public is thinking as that is the very essence of their job. The football gambling line that is set on the boards is as much or more based on public perception as it is the merits of the teams involved. You can rest assured that if you allow yourself to get married to playing for or against a team, or habitually betting a team over or under, that other gamblers are trying that as well and the football gambling oddsmakers will be ready for you.

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