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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl props on touchdowns are always exciting for Super Bowls and that should be the case again on Super Bowl XLIII as the Arizona Cardinals play the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Steelers are favored by a touchdown in Super Bowl odds for the game on February 1st with a total of 46.5.

Superbowl props always have the choice of betting the shortest TD of the game.  The number is almost always 1.5 yards and gamblers can bet over or under that total in Superbowl props.  As you look at the Super Bowl odds total of 46.5 you might want to predict how many touchdowns will be scored.  That number is 5.5 and you can bet over or under that total in Superbowl props.

If you want to really get creative in Superbowl props you can try and predict how long the first TD of the game will be.  It starts with no TD’s scored at all in the game at big Super Bowl odds of 75-1 but it should be noted that never in Super Bowl history has a game not had a touchdown scored.  If you think the first TD will come from the goal line you could bet 0 yards at 25-1 in Superbowl props.  1-7 yards is the big favorite in Superbowl props at +120.  The Superbowl props odds continue to get higher as you get longer yardage.  8-15 yards is +165, 16-25 is 3-1, 26-39 is 5-1 and 40-59 is 6-1.  The longshots are the big yardage numbers in Superbowl props.  60-79 yards is 14-1, 80-95 is 18-1 while 96 or more is 10-1.  The reason that last one is lower is due to the possibility of a kickoff return.  The number set for the longest TD has been set at 44.5 yards and you can bet over or under that total in Superbowl props.

The Steelers are the Super Bowl odds favorite to have the longest TD in the game at -150.  The TD is the favorite to be the first score of the game at -180 over the field goal or safety.  The last score of the game is a 2-1 favorite in Superbowl props odds against the field goal or safety.  The other prop regarding the touchdown is which scoring play will be longer, the TD or the field goal with the TD a -150 favorite.

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