Touchdown & Field Goal Super Bowl Betting Props

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl betting props are very popular on the game between the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints.

Some of the most popular Super Bowl odds in terms of props are the touchdown and field goal props.  Here are some of the main ones you will see on the board in Super Bowl betting.

Super Bowl betting has TD and field goal props for both teams.  You can bet on who will throw a touchdown pass first, Drew Brees or Peyton Manning with Manning the -170 favorite in Super Bowl betting.  You can also bet on which of them will throw the most TD passes with Manning a -200 favorite.

One of the most popular props in Super Bowl betting each year is the player to score the first touchdown of the game. This is a prop that gets a lot of action in Super Bowl odds and is exciting because you can get some nice odds.  All of the key players are listed but keep in mind that a defensive TD or a special teams touchdown might involve another player.  In fact, the field is the 5-1 favorite in Super Bowl betting.  Joseph Addai of the Colts is right behind the field at 5.5 to 1 in Super Bowl odds. New Orleans running back Pierre Thomas is 6-1.  Dallas Clark and Reggie Wayne are 6.5 to 1 and they are followed by Marques Colston at 8-1, Reggie Bush at 9.5 to 1 and Pierre Garcon at 10-1. There are other players with odds of less than 20-1. Austin Collie and Devery Henderson are 12-1.  Donald Brown, Mike Bell, Jeremy Shockey and Robert Meachem are 15-1. Lance Moore is 16-1.  David Thomas is 18-1.  Drew Brees is 25-1.  Peyton Manning is 30-1.  And yes, if you want to bet on no TD being scored you can get that unlikely scenario at 100-1.  It probably should be more like a 1000-1 or a million to one in Super Bowl odds.

Field goal props in Super Bowl betting start with the team to make the first field goal with the Colts a slight favorite.  There are also props on which team will miss the first field goal, have the longest field goal, the shortest field goal, make the most field goals and a number of distance props for field goals. Those are just some of the great props on the board for Super Bowl XLIV.

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