Top Quarterbacks in 2009 NFL Draft Betting Lines at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

2009 NFL Draft betting lines are almost always the most popular on quarterbacks.

That is the case again this year in NFL Draft odds with Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford and USC quarterback Mark Sanchez getting most of the attention.

2009 NFL Draft betting lines have Stafford going as the #1 overall selection to the Detroit Lions. Some 2009 NFL Draft betting lines experts believe that Stafford is a future star in the NFL while others have their doubts.  The Lions are favored in NFL Draft odds to take Stafford even though he might not be a franchise quarterback.  Stafford has all the tools at 6’3 and 237 lbs to be a strong stand up quarterback in the NFL but he was oftentimes inconsistent at Georgia.

March Sanchez from USC has been rising up the 2009 NFL Draft betting lines in recent weeks.  Once thought of as a late first round selection, Sanchez is now thought of as a Top 10 pick.  He has impressed experts that look at NFL Draft odds with his performance at the combine and his overall intelligence level.  The drawback with Sanchez is experience.  He really only started one year in college and then came out as a junior.  Recently though it hasn’t seemed to matter in 2009 NFL Draft betting lines as people love his ability and his poise.  Sanchez could easily go in the Top 10 in 2009 NFL Draft betting lines.

The third quarterback, and really the only other quarterback in 2009 NFL Draft betting lines to get any attention is Kansas State’s Josh Freeman.  Experts who look at 2009 NFL Draft betting lines either love Freeman or hate him.  There is really no in between with the 2009 NFL Draft betting lines.  He has the physical tools at 6’6 and 250 lbs but many people wonder about his ability to read defenses and lead a team.  The Bucs have been rumored to possible take Freeman late in the first round of NFL Draft odds.

After the top three quarterbacks in 2009 NFL Draft betting there is a huge drop.  In fact, there is no other quarterback that teams have any real interest in taking to seriously upgrade their team.  West Virginia’s Pat White is considered more of a receiver than a quarterback so putting him fourth behind Freeman in 2009 NFL Draft betting lines is a stretch.

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