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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Top 10 NFL Betting Strategies for this year football betting season.

1. Bet against last year’s Super Bowl winner early in the NFL betting season. If you want to make an add-on to this NFL betting system bet against last year’s Super Bowl runner-up as well.

2. Bet against any NFL team that is playing its third consecutive game on the road. This NFL betting system has been a long-term winner over the years. You won’t see a lot of plays though, so be patient.

3. Bet on any home team that has won its last two games as a dog. In football betting this works because the team that was a dog is now showing strength and they are playing well. Home field also helps.

4. Bet against any team that is trying to cover as a road favorite for the second straight. Laying points in NFL betting is not easy, and doing it two straight weeks is doubly tough.

5. Play any underdog on the road that was shutout on the road as a dog the previous football betting week. Everyone will be very down on the team this week and that means you get more points and get a more motivated team. This NFL betting system has great numbers.

6. Do your NFL Betting on any divisional home team that is a pick or -1. The game is expected to be close and the home team usually has the edge.

7. Play on any home dog that allowed over 40 points in the previous week. This team is at home, was humiliated on defense last week, and should be catching NFL betting value. The football betting numbers sure back it up.

8. Do your NFL betting on the home dog if they won on the road last week. This team is coming off a nice win and is getting points at home.

9. Bet against the Wild Card team in the playoffs going up against the Divisional Winner. This has been a solid bet throughout the years.

10. Take the dog when Oakland and Kansas City play and when Washington and Dallas play. In NFL betting rivalry games tend to be close and both of these trends have stood the test of time.

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