Top NFL Betting Mistakes to Avoid at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting gamblers that win money make fewer mistakes than everyone else. It is not always easy for NFL betting gamblers to eliminate mistakes because sometimes they just lose control.

NFL betting mistakes are made all the time throughout the season. Here are the top ones to avoid.

1. The first NFL betting mistake to avoid is in believing that you are going to hit 70 or 80 percent of your wagers and make a lot of money. Those types of percentages are totally fallacy. When you hear someone spouting off that they are hitting in that range for their NFL betting wagers then you should be very skeptical. The best NFL bettors are doing very well to hit 60%. It is not possible in the long run to hit at some of the ridiculous percentages that some touts and services claim to hit. It just doesn’t happen. If you are hitting 60 percent of your NFL betting wagers then you are having a great year. Avoid the mistake of believing that NFL betting is easy and you will already be ahead of the crowd.

2. Avoid the NFL betting mistake of automatically taking the home team. NFL home field advantage is important, but the oddsmakers usually make you pay a premium price for taking the home team. The value in the NFL usually resides with the road team. The Pro football betting mistake of always playing the home team is one that the intelligent bettor should definitely avoid.

3. Avoid automatically assuming that teams facing must win games will win. The oddsmaker also knows when a team is facing a must win game and usually shades the NFL betting line accordingly. So often those must win games end in losses for the team and for the Pro football betting player that risked money on them. Remember that there is no such thing as a sure thing in NFL betting.

4. The next NFL betting mistake to avoid is putting more money on the Sunday night or Monday night game just to bail out. It just seems like it doesn’t even work half of the time. The bailout game just doesn’t seem to win very often. Don’t make the bailout mistake in Pro football betting.

Winning in the NFL is not easy and it gets even tougher if you make mistakes.

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