Tom Brady Knee Injury Rocks the Sports World at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Tom Brady knee injury news has dominated the sports world for the past week since news of the injury was released.

NFL betting odds on the Patriots have been drastically affected, fantasy football owners are devastated and some of the media has gone off the deep end.

Tom Brady knee injury news is definitely important and affects quite a few people.  Tom Brady out for season news is bad for the New England Patriots but they will still be a very good NFL team.  The Tom Brady injury may be worse for fantasy football team owners.  One media expert that looks at sports business numbers has estimated that the Tom Brady knee injury will cost fantasy owners $150 million dollars.  The sports business expert came to that figure by looking at last year when half of the people who drafted Brady won their leagues. Many experts have estimated that there is about $500 million dollars in fantasy prizes on the line each season and the Tom Brady knee injury has affected many owners.  Last season was a record breaking year for Brady, so the numbers would be adjusted but many experts were predicting that 30% of those that took Brady this year would win their leagues.

NFL betting odds originally had the New England Patriots as the 4-1 favorites to win the Super Bowl.  With the Tom Brady knee injury news those NFL betting odds have risen to about 15-1.  With backup quarterback Matt Cassel, who hasn’t started a game since high school at the helm, most NFL betting experts are throwing out the Patriots as serious contenders in the AFC.

The question becomes are the Patriots really done because of the Tom Brady knee injury?  New England still has the brilliant Bill Belichick as head coach, the talented Randy Moss at receiver and Laurence Maroney running the football.  The Patriots didn’t go undefeated last season just because of one player. Some in the media have discounted the Patriots because of the Tom Brady knee injury but it is never a good idea to underestimate Belichick.

While the Tom Brady knee injury is definitely a blow to the Patriots it is probably a more serious blow to fantasy football owners.

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