Tips for making a Super Bowl Bet

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl bet tips are always interesting to consider each February when the big game approaches.

There are a number of things to consider in Super Bowl betting, some of which can help you win money on the big game. Here is a look at some helpful tips for betting on the biggest football game of the year.

Super Bowl bet tip number one is to control yourself. Yes, this is the last football game of the season that matters but you can’t go overboard. If you bet everything and lose you will kick yourself. Just bet the game as you normally would and don’t go overboard. That is the first major tip to remember when you make a Super Bowl bet.

The next Super Bowl bet tip is to really get acquainted with the stats, trends, line value, etc. on the game. Just don’t go into Super Bowl betting blindly. Do some research and look to gain an edge as you make your Super Bowl bet.

Another Super Bowl tip is to remember that the Super Bowl is not a regular season game. That means you really have to throw out a lot of the regular season stats. What happened during the regular season will not predict what will happen in Super Bowl betting. You still have to handicap the game though, but be careful about putting too much into regular season games.

When you make a Super Bowl bet you obviously have to make your wager somewhere. You need to choose a good sportsbook that has favorable Super Bowl betting odds for what you want to play. If you just want to bet the side then it may not matter but if you want to bet props or the half or something else, then picking the right sportsbook can be important.

With the last Super Bowl bet tip don’t forget that you want a winner. That could mean you are looking at the favorite even though it doesn’t have value. Remember this is just one game. Anything can happen and those that say you can’t take the favorite in the Super Bowl are wrong. In fact, the favorite has covered the spread more often than not in the Super Bowl even though the favorite is always overvalued. Also don’t forget that you can bet the total, the quarters, the half, the money line and a number of other great props in the Super Bowl.

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