Tips for Betting Televised NFL Betting Lines at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting lines are great to bet, especially when the game is on TV.

If you are going to be part of the masses that has to play television games against the football odds then hopefully these tips will get you started toward winning more of them than you lose.

NFL betting lines tips for televised games start with these top five.

1. Money Management – There is nothing more important as you bet TV games than how you manage your money. If you are going to be an addict and have to play TV games versus NFL betting lines at least do it intelligently. Many of us are going to bet TV games versus football odds just to have action. There is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is risking your entire bankroll on a game just because it is on television.

2. Knowledge – Even though the game is on TV you can still do your research versus the NFL betting lines. Just don’t go picking a team without looking at the game. Some gamblers will just take their favorite team without ever looking at the football odds matchup. At least take a look at the basic matchup and see what you like before just blindly playing the game versus the NFL betting lines.

3. Line Value – You are not going to get much NFL betting lines value in if you want to play the favorite or the over. The public usually will bet both of those things and the football odds maker will make you pay a little extra if you like either the favorite or the over. There will be times when the favorite and the over are excellent plays versus NFL betting lines, but just remember you are paying a little extra to play them.

4. Parlays – If you are going to play TV games then it would be a solid idea not to parlay the NFL betting lines. It is tough enough to hit one thing in a TV game you know very little about let alone two things versus NFL betting lines. Keep it simple and make just one wager versus the NFL betting lines.

5. Discipline – This one should go without saying but often does not. You can’t get carried away as a gambler and go off half cocked and bet your entire bankroll on the TV game. Well, you can, you just shouldn’t. As we all know from past experience, we can occasionally get lucky betting it all, but eventually the all-in bet loses versus the NFL betting lines.

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