Tips for Betting College Football Lines at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football lines are the most popular on the NFL but college football lines are not far behind.

College football lines attract more expertise than do NFL lines simply for the fact that more of the public bets the NFL.

Football lines are bet by both the public and the wise guys. Most gamblers involved with betting against football lines wager on both pro and college games. The sports look the same but betting them is really very different.

One of the keys to college football betting is for a gambler to not get bogged down with too many stats and other handicapping tidbits on the 120 or so Division 1-A teams that are regularly on the college football and NFL lines boards as, (1) there simply isn’t enough time and, (2) those who try it cloud their minds and become confused and ineffective.

The first simple key towards developing a method for betting college football lines is to look for teams with proven coaches. The coach in college football is the most important man to consider as he is responsible for everything to do with his football program from the recruiting to the play strategy and a good college coach can often mean money in the bank when you wager against college football lines.

Next you should look for solid consistent programs along with perennial losers. Either way, football programs that are consistently good or bad are that way for a reason and its more likely than not that it will continue. Sure, there are exceptions, but often you will find in college football lines that the more things change; the more they stay the same.

Another important factor to remember when you look at college football lines is that you are looking for quality and value at the same time. One of the best combinations is a “power” dog such as when Miami, USC, Michigan, Notre Dame, etc. are in the rare role of the underdog. These teams are often expensive overlays as home chalks in football lines but as underdogs they make tremendous values.

Always remember that betting college football lines and NFL lines are separate endeavors. If you try to do them the same you are doomed to fail. Separate the handicapping of college and NFL lines and you will be more successful.

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