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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl odds have the total at 46.5 on Super Bowl XLIII between the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers.

The opening Superbowl betting total was 47 so early bettors are leaning to the under. Let’s look at the total in Superbowl odds for Super Bowl XLIII.

Superbowl odds history tells us that the last four Super Bowls have all gone under the total. That is a reversal of trends as six of the previous eight had gone over the Superbowl odds total. Why is the total so high in this year’s Superbowl odds? The Arizona Cardinals have scored over 30 points in three straight games but keep in mind that two of those three games were at home. The Cardinals were third in points scored behind New Orleans and San Diego this season. The Steelers hosted the Chargers and the total in that game was only 38. That is almost 10 points lower than the current total in Superbowl odds and the San Diego offense was more potent than Arizona’s.

The reason the total is higher is due to the perception that the public will bet the Superbowl betting total over no matter what. Superbowl odds makers may not be realizing though that perceptions are changing. With the last four Super Bowls all going under the total and with Pittsburgh having the #1 ranked defense in the NFL, gamblers could take a shot with the under in Superbowl betting.

The key to the total in Superbowl odds this season is the Arizona defense. They have shown some ability in the playoffs and if they are able to keep Pittsburgh in check then the total easily goes under the Superbowl odds. If they revert back to their regular season form and Pittsburgh is able to find holes, then the Steelers might send this game over the Superbowl betting total.

The total doesn’t always get a ton of attention in Superbowl odds since gamblers focus on the side and on the many different proposition bets. If you choose to bet on the Superbowl odds total you may be able to find a little bit of value and perhaps a winning wager.

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