The Oddsmaker Mentality in Football Wagering at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football wagering is so popular among average gamblers that everyone thinks they can win money.

The problem for many of these gamblers that are looking at college and NFL wagering is that they handicapped the games reactively rather than with a proactive approach. Let’s look at the oddsmaker mentality when it comes to football wagering.

Football wagering information is readily available to both the public and the oddsmakers. The college and NFL wagering lines are set based on what is on the Internet, television, and radio, because the oddsmakers are trained to know how the public will interpret and react to that information. What this ultimately means is that when you do what everyone else does, when you think like the masses, you will get the same football wagering results as the masses, which is likely defeat because there is no value in doing what everyone else does. If everyone is going one way on a game in football wagering that means that the oddsmakers will raise that line up to meet the consumer demand, depriving that side of any value and adding to the house edge in football wagering.

If you want to spend your days surfing the net for stories on games, and watching ESPN or listening to sports talk radio as you prepare for football wagering that is cool. But instead of consuming this information with a blind and obedient mindset why not look at this same information from the point of view of a skeptic and doubter in football wagering, rather than a true believer?

You should question every bit of information that is put out by the media and on the Internet and openly question why the masses are all flocking one way on football wagering games. And then be prepared for the next step and come out in opposition of these plays in football wagering as that will put you on the same side as the oddsmakers. That is how you win money in college and NFL wagering. You want to be on the same side as those people who make the football wagering odds.

If you want to win money consistently in college and NFL wagering you must learn to think like an oddsmaker. This can be done if you are willing to oppose the masses and how they think with football wagering.

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