The Money Amount in NFL Betting Lines at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting lines give you a lot of choices for practicing money management.

One money amount that is a good way to attack the NFL betting odds is the “flat betting” amount. Let’s look at this simple approach to managing money versus NFL betting lines.

NFL betting lines present you with sides and totals each week. The simplest way to wager on these options is with “flat betting.” This is where you wager the same amount on every side or total. Some gamblers don’t like betting the same amount on every game but there are numerous advantages to flat betting versus NFL betting lines. If you keep your wagers the same versus NFL betting odds you don’t have to worry about rating your plays. You don’t have to worry about a big play losing while a small play wins because all of your wagers versus the NFL betting lines are for the same amount.

Another major advantage to flat betting amounts is that they keep you in more control of your bankroll versus NFL betting odds. If you set aside an amount for each wager, perhaps 5% of your bankroll, you are unlikely to get into huge trouble if a losing streak occurs versus NFL betting lines. When you bet varying amounts on games you can easily be tempted to bet more money after a bad loss or even bet more money on a so-called lock versus NFL betting lines. That is a recipe for disaster against the NFL betting lines.

Another advantage to flat betting versus the NFL betting lines is the second guessing factor. If you rate your plays and the top play loses you always wonder whether or not you should have rated it that high. With flat betting if a game is a play then it is just like all the other games you wager on in NFL betting lines. With flat betting amounts it is far easier to stay in control and that is very important when wagering against NFL betting odds. You avoid the tendency to bet big on games that look too good to be true. You stay consistent and have a chance to win in the long-term versus the NFL betting lines.

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